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Santa Clarita Unitarian Universalist Church liberal religion By Rev. Peter Farriday

Peter Farriday smCenturies ago in Europe, many religious scholars concluded that the Divine was a single Unity (not a three part trinity). They called themselves Unitarians. Others determined that a truly benevolent Spirit would universally love all souls despite their failings, not punish them for eternity. They became Universalists. In 1961 in the U. S., these traditions united.

Today Unitarian Universalism still honors these roots. It has also grown beyond them to draw spiritual wisdom and inspiration wherever it’s encountered: in writings and poetry ancient and modern; in nature and art; in human acts of compassion and justice. View our Six Sources.

Our “free faith” doesn’t subscribe to a static creed, because human understanding is ever-evolving. This allows us to fully embrace modern knowledge, and at the same time open our hearts to the one sacred force that animates all religious expressions.

This unfolding quest broadens our minds. It helps us to live loving lives and deal with life’s hardships. And it stirs our desire to create a more harmonious and sustainable world. View our Seven Principles.

If you resonate with these values, we hope you will grace us with a visit to a Sunday service or a social event. It’s quite possible that you will be very glad you did.

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Sunday Mornings at 10:30 a.m.
Santa Clarita Valley Senior Center
22900 Market Street
Santa Clarita, CA 91321

Upcoming Services

Feb. 14 - “Love’s Sweet Assortment”
Rev. Peter Farriday
Like traditional Valentine’s Day chocolates, love comes in different flavors, and this Sunday explores several varieties: from the dynamics of healthy romantic love, to how we care for one another in community, to the Unitarian Universalist Association’s 7th Annual National Standing on the Side of Love Day—which expands Valentine’s Day to include harnessing the power of love to safeguard and advance the rights and dignity of all people.

Feb. 21 - “Confusion and Resolution”
Robert Maitino
Mr. Maitino will describe the path that he has taken to make sense of life's contradictory experiences. He feels that the choices that he has made find resonance with the foundation of UUA.

Feb. 28 - “Ten Poets A’Leaping”
Rev. Peter Farriday
Every four years a “29” appears on the February calendar, and 2016 is one of these. To commemorate this occasion, UU of SCV’s minister and Poets in Person group offer a lyrical and festive service that asks us to consider what a “leap of faith” might look like at this juncture in our lives —and inspires us to take it!


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