Sunday services

Here is a list of this month's Sunday sermons and service events. Services are held each Sunday at 10:30 at the
Santa Clarita Valley Senior Center. All are welcome to join us in this hour of worship. Click here for a map.

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Encountering Prayer

March 1 - Minister Peter Farriday

Prayerful practice can open our minds to greater conscious awareness, and thus increase our capacity for empathy and joy. It can fortify our hearts amidst pain and sorrow. Prayer can help us discern our deepest longings and how we might act on them. Rather than being an appeal to something outside of us, prayer links us with our deepest self, with one another, and with life’s miraculous presence.


Interviewing Hagia Sophia

March 8 - Erik Felker

Hagia Sophia is now a museum in Istanbul, but it has been a cathedral and a mosque.  What does it have to say to Unitarian Universalists?  And while we are traveling, what does it mean to be a pilgrim?




March15 - Rich Jaffke

We view creativity as something new which arises within us – that spark for a new thing previously unknown to us.  By my thinking UUs should possess greater creativity than your average Joe because UUs are more open to new ideas and practices.  In this sermon we will explore how our spiritual practice can promote and enhance our creativity.


Atheism & Spiritual Practice

March 22 - Richard Wade

Richard Wade will speak briefly about what atheism is and what it is not, and following this month's theme, he will talk about how atheists can and do have spiritual practices.Mr. Wade is a retired family counselor, a member of the Santa Clarita Atheists and Freethinkers, and Vice President of the Santa Clarita Valley Interfaith Council. Both in person and online, he works to promote understanding, respectful dialogue, and constructive cooperation between believers and nonbelievers.