Sunday services

Here is a list of this month's Sunday sermons and service events. Services are held each Sunday at 10:30 at the
Santa Clarita Valley Senior Center. All are welcome to join us in this hour of worship. Click here for a map.

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Pilgrimage and Spiritual Home

September 6 - Multiple Speakers from our congregation

At this shared-pulpit service, members and friends of our congregation will speak of their pilgrimages, however they conceive of them, and the spiritual homes that they found or are still making.



Many Streams, One River

September 13 - Rev. Peter Farriday

“Ingathering” is the UU term for the celebratory service that marks the “official” start of a new church year. This year we’ll join many other UU congregations in holding a Water Communion (or Ceremony).

Details will be made clear that day so you don’t need to prepare anything ahead of time. But as everyone will hold some water as part of this participatory ritual, you are encouraged to bring a reusable cup or container to minimize paper use. (If you forget, not to worry.) Please join us for this joyful celebration of reconnection, remembering and reverence.


How to Love Annoying People

September 20 - Susan de la Vergne

Loving our fellow (hu)man always sounds like a good idea.  But can we love the grouchy cashier at the grocery store or the guy who just cut us off in traffic?  And would we want to?  Buddha's teachings offer fresh and practical answers to important questions about love.



The Art of Letting Go

Septermber 27 - Reverend Peter Farriday

Two annual markers of “letting go” coincide the week before this service. One, on September 23, is cultural. Yom Kippur is the holiest day on the Jewish calendar. This “Day of Atonement” calls Jewish people to repent for their sins, make amends, and seek reconciliation. The second marker is naturebased. Autumn begins on the 23rd, with its hints of harvest, falling leaves, and longer nights. Using these occasions as points of entry, our service explores the spiritual art of letting go as a path to “atone-ment”.