Sunday services

Here is a list of this month's Sunday sermons and service events. Services are held each Sunday at 10:30 at the
Santa Clarita Valley Senior Center. All are welcome to join us in this hour of worship. Click here for a map.

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Moving On

June 29 - Steve Devorkin

As a long time UU who has only been with two congregation in my UU lifetime, I have experienced the passage of one minister after another. Some of the changes were welcomed and some are still mourned. How does a UU cope with the seemly ever changing landscape of our church? Is this constant change real, or is it just our perception? How is our community challenged by the nature of the state of a “small congregation?”


That Feeling of Freedom

July 6 - Trish Lester

With the celebration of Independence Day on July 4, we recognize the birth of American liberty, our nation’s first important steps away from monarchical tyranny. Amid the fireworks and barbecues, we ponder the sacrifices of historical heroes. Freedom, as they say, isn’t free.

In this “Circle Service” we hope you’ll share a story, a reading or a poem that expresses what freedom means to you, personally. Can you remember a time in your life when you felt a particular burst of independence, when you took important steps to break away, purposefully removed obstacles or made a decision that sent you in a fresh new direction? Please share your freedom thoughts with us. Together, we inspire each other!


Hazy Days of Summer

July 13 - John Cooper

Summer is often a good time for reminiscing and nostalgia. Though we might chastise ourselves for wasting time by doing this, John Cooper suggests that these are useful tools in our spiritual lives as well as the life of our church.



Religious Humanism as a Guiding Source

July 20 - Rick Kamlet

While UU’s Principles are standards to which most religions aspire, to me it’s our wide variety of inspirational “Sources” that gives us our unique liberal identity.  I will explore our fifth source, Humanistic Teachings, which I believe is a key foundation for making UU unique and invaluable among religions.



Spirituality vs. Religion

July 27 - Scott Roewe

A phrase that I hear from time to time is "I am spiritual, but not religious". Many high profile people such as Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Dwayne Dwyer, even Oprah are defining these words for us, but what is our own definition? Let's discuss.