Sunday services

Here is a list of this month's Sunday sermons and service events. Services are held each Sunday at 10:30 at the
Santa Clarita Valley Senior Center. All are welcome to join us in this hour of worship. Click here for a map.

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Soul and Destiny

September 7 - Minister Peter Farriday

What is “Soul?”  A pop music genre?  A Southern cuisine?  A broad term that signifies the stirring of deeply felt emotion?  Sure.  But is it also something far more essential to human life, a transcendent wellspring of wisdom and fulfillment that the modern world has largely dismissed? Come share one fellow “souljourner’s” reflections on how growing into soul-inspired awareness awakens us to our fullest destiny: to divinely graced lives of purpose, compassion and contribution.


The Hero and the Fool

September 14 - Lesley Yadon

Both the hero and the fool set out on journeys the archetypal journey of the soul. Nobody wants to be the Fool but is the hero really any different?



Ethical Now

September 21 - Minister Peter Farriday

Much established (that is, myth-based) religious thinking is simultaneously both trapped in the past and obsessed with the future. It is thus hindered from engaging the moral needs of the present. In contrast, Unitarian Universalism understands that authentic wisdom may have ancient roots, but is always open to the developing understandings—and challenges—of modernity. Our faith tradition is neither caged by the past nor fantastical (or fanatical) about the future. Rather it calls us to live into the emerging awareness that we are each members of one interrelated global community, and to commit our lives to the well-being of all life in it.


Changing Changes

September 28 - John Cooper

Autumnal sermons often talk about the changing seasons and relate that to the changes in our lives. John Cooper will look at how some anticipated changes are changing and how that might apply to our spiritual lives and the life of our congregation.