Minister’s Message

Sharing the Fruits of Spiritual Activism

You may recall that my June newsletter column outlined a summer experiment. As a brief reminder, the impetus came from our April 23rd Religious Exploration forum. There participants viewed excerpts of the DVD, Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream, which laid out in disturbing detail some of the environmental and social challenges we currently face, and a number of the primary causes.

The DVD then presented a framework for corrective action. (As I stated in June, I’ve modified some of the terms the DVD uses in this table, but the essence is the same.)

“Informal” (Community/Culture)
Institutional (formal Systems of Power)

Again, the horizontal headings name the three-part goal of the new Dream: create an Environmentally Sound, Socially Just and Spiritually Fulfilling world. The left-hand column suggests that under any of these we might focus on Individual actions; and/or actions we do relatively Informally in our communities or the wider culture; and/or actions concerning Institutional Systems of Power (government, education, finance, etc.). And the process is to choose the actions—the “Personal Commitments of a Global Citizen”—that most fit your talents, passions and purpose.

I mentioned that the experiment is to act on your choices over the summer, and share how things went come September. The action phase was launched by Dr. Cynde Herman at our June 18th service, where as she describes in her July newsletter article, “those who attended… shared one commitment to complete this summer. They then wrote their name in the “box” on the grid for the activity they chose.”

And I can now tell you that you’ll have the opportunity to share your “findings” as part of our service on Sept. 17th. (I’ll provide details in my September Flame article.) Leading up to this (and beyond), I’ll be writing and speaking about the heart and soul of this work: what spiritual teacher Andrew Harvey terms “Spiritual Activism.”

Meanwhile if you missed the June 18th service, there’s still time for you to join the “Dream Team” by choosing an activity, placing it in the grid above, putting your spirit into action… and sharing your results if you choose. And I concur with Dr. Herman’s appraisal in her June article: “You’ll be glad you did!”

So will the world.

Beaucoup Blessings,
Rev. Peter Farriday

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