Did you miss the Special Meeting, May 15th? 

See June's Minister's Message for a recap and join us as we build a thriving congregation!

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A Place of Our Own

We are currently searching for a facility that will allow us to reach our full potential and serve our congregation and the community more comprehensively. Specifically, we would like to provide educational opportunities on a myriad of topics that improve the health and well being of individuals as well as local and global communities. All donations further our vision of empowering people to realize their passion and potential and then share it with the world as we move into challenging and exciting times.

Your donations make possible an exciting new resource in the SCV area!

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All donations are tax deductible.

Luminescence Website Launches

Our UU holiday is just around the corner, and the new Luminescence Website is ready just in time! Take a moment to visit the new site to learn about our uniquely UU holiday!