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Minister’s Message for January: “Creatures of Habit”

peter pulpit sThe other night I spoke with a dear friend back in my home town of Saint Paul, Minnesota. At one point he related a series of events he had recently undergone, part of which involved being unable to locate the hands-free earpiece for his cell phone. This was highly unusual, because on arriving home he always places it and his car keys, etc., in the exact same spot. He eventually found it (in a pocket of some other pants), but this incident struck him as odd because, in his words, “I’m such a creature of habit.”

And to greater and lesser extents, we all are. Habits can be helpful because they allow us to accomplish routine tasks with minimal mental effort. But we also know that depending upon the habit, operating on “autopilot” may or may not serve our life and growth. And of course at their worst, “bad habits” can create serious problems.

This is true of organizations as well as individuals. The proverbial story about this involves a new person coming into an organization, observing how things work, and eventually asking why the group does a certain thing in a certain way. The answer? “Because that’s how we’ve always done it.”

Obviously, this is the autopilot answer; the unexamined, non-reflective response born of habit. It doesn’t at all address the question(s) that the fresh observer was really asking: Is this the best way to do this? Have we considered other options? Has another way ever been tried? If so, what were the results?

So this month we’re going to take a look at habits in a couple of ways. On the personal level our January 10th service will examine the topic, including how we might benefit from practicing certain “spiritual habits.” Organizationally, the Board of Trustees and other team and committee leaders will meet to gauge our progress on the initiatives outlined at the Leadership retreat last August—one of which was to consider some probing questions about our own organizational habits.

This largely unseen work contributes mightily to UU of SCV’s well-being, so I want to give a huge shout-out of thanks to all those engaged in this process—and to all of you who share your time and talents on behalf of our beloved community.

If you’ve been attending for a while and haven’t yet made a habit of volunteering, the New Year is a great time to establish that vital and gratifying practice. Just let me know you’re curious, and we can talk about options that fit your interests and availability.

I look forward to our new year together, and wish you and yours a truly healthy and habitually happy 2016.

Beaucoup Blessings!

Rev. Peter Farriday

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Luminescence Website Launches

Our UU holiday is just around the corner, and the new Luminescence Website is ready just in time! Take a moment to visit the new site to learn about our uniquely UU holiday!


LA/Valley Cluster Camp was a Huge Success!

The camp was filled to capacity, and UU of SCV was well represented!

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