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Kevin and I are most grateful for the friends we have made at UU. For a long time we wondered where all the open-minded seekers were in this community. Now we know! Thank you, UU of SCV, for making us feel welcome from the very first visit.— Karen & Kevin Ratliff

UntitledThe “gifts” I receive by attending our church begin and come back to the feeling in my heart, mind and soul. Sure, I’ve made friendships and worked to uphold our mission statement that begins with “Love is the spirit of this church, made visible through service,” but when all is said and done, our church just makes me feel good. It’s like doing a good deed, finishing the last page of an important book, learning a lesson, getting a hug, seeing more of the world and expressing love to others. Church makes me slow down and sense all those things. After one small hour, the lift my heart, mind and soul receive carries me through until the next week, when I get to do it all over again.— Eve Bushman

hands-together-heart2-e1369388744219I have found no other platform in my life that allows me to share that which I am most passionate about, most innately gifted with. Nowhere else can I share with confidence and trust the full truth of who I am through worship, creative display and leadership. When I give money, it is done with gratitude for this beloved community that has nurtured, encouraged and celebrated my spiritual gifts.— Lesley Yadon

oasisHow wonderful to have found a spiritual oasis in my own back yard (Newhall)! I am joined by like-minded individuals who respect diversity and dignity in our fellow beings, support the needs of our community through volunteering, and I’ve found the greatest book club. Thank you, UU!— Valerie Swanson

As a long-time member of our congregation I can attest to the fact that the gifts I have received from attending and contributing to this church far exceed what I would have expected. How can I put a value on the friendsfriendship, support, spiritual and musical services that benefit me so much? One of the greatest gifts has been sharing the last decade with so many like-minded people who put the values and principles of the UUA into practice. I can’t imagine a finer example of caring and service in this valley than those exhibited by our congregation. The gifts to members and visitors include assistance, friendship, fellowship and opportunity and encouragement to make this world a better place for everyone.— Linda Lott

the_open_door_by_rainbows_stock-d2z9qjyWhen Elliott, our girls and I moved to Valencia we were surprised by a prevailing conservative attitude that seemed to surround us. Much of our energy went to “fitting in.” When we found the SCV UU community, it was like discovering an open door and being surrounded by fresh air. We brought our true selves, free to contribute our best abilities in areas of our choosing while growing personally, intellectually and spiritually. We had found our church family, our spiritual home. UU of SCV has been a double blessing for me now as a single person, embracing me with the love and support of incredible friendships. Here I continue to examine our world and to grow socially and spiritually. With deep gratitude,— Elinor McGrew